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Industrial washing

Simplex 100-120

Cleaning devices

Cleaning device on order Stabil Inox


Liquids and replacement system

Rivets and riveting tools

Rivets and riveting tools

Liquids for cleaning devices and their replacement

Liquids for cleaning devices and their replecementCurrently QTS-nýty company delivers six types of liquids for manual cold washing without rinsing. All types of liquids are mainly used for parts cleaning devices.

Replacement of used liquids

Exchangeable system of used liquid is an integral part connected with the deliveries of these liquids.

QTS-nýty company is approved to dispose of a hazardous waste. Our company takes back used liquid in the scope of our customer service and send it for a disposal. We also deals with all business connected with disposing and filing of hazardous waste on behalf of our customer.

Types of liquids

  • A – (Standard) – basic washing of dirty parts at car repair shops and services. It has a lower evaporative capacity.
  • B – (Standard plus) – washing followed with preservation (preservation for the period of 14 days).
  • C – (CeSol) – the most used liquid for perfect degreasing. Wide use both at car repair shops (cleaning of motors, gearboxes, starters, etc.) and in industrial production and at services.
  • D – (DeSol) – liquid with rapid drying up is used mainly at electro-shops and paint-shops. It can also be used at the same shops as above mentioned liquids.

    For more information see our materials lists (CZ).

  • TOREN 141 and 145 – both liquids are intended for cleaning and preservation of metal products. TOREN 141 is suitable for products made from ferrous metals as well as from non-ferrous metals, mainly from unalloyed steel, copper, brass, aluminium and silver alloys, etc. They are creating a very thin protective film which is not necessary to be removed in majority of cases. For more information see here (CZ).

The price always includes new degreasing liquid, including package, disposal of used liquid and package, transport and technician service work.

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